A new school year is dawning….

The purpose of Fashionnation1on1 is to give students a webplace to search for fashion industry information and even more importantly  a webplace to drop links to share information with others around the country or world who WISH they could be getting a great education in the various fields of fashion.

I have been waiting for my students to jump to the forefront on this endeavor, but I am tired waiting so I am going to begin the process of dropping links to everything and anything that relates to our wonderful industry.

If you would like to suggest links, please post and give us the information.  Hopefully we will grow up to be a site that is important to people who need this type of information fast… with many links in one place.

Now that I have decided it is taking too long for my fashion technology students to “warm up” to the site and all its possibilities, I am going to move forward on my own.

Anyone is still welcome to join me and make this blog be the epitome of a one on one relationship – somewhere you can turn for news and information.

And who knows, maybe the students will become the driving force behind Fashionnation1on1.


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