sex and the city…

ok so the opening weekend is finally done and over with and i couldn’t wait any longer to tell ya’ll that I LOVED LOVED LOVED that movie not only is the story line cute and all but oh lord all the designer labels!!! oh my!!! if you havent gone to see it i suggest u grab a girlfriend and go now!!! of course i went on Thursday night and waited 2 hours to see it but it was so totally worth it 🙂 


until the next one!

Ur Blogging Gurl,  



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  1. fashionnation1on1

    Honey… I see that you are keeping up with the summer’s fashions.

    I am busy writing new curriculum for two new classes, Fashion Collection Production and Apparel Product Development. It is a huge task but somebody has to do it.

    I just made some prototypes of outfits that I am doing as kits for Bleuette. I am just about to start building the kits today. The prototypes came out fantastic. Everyone who saw the first reveal was pleased and impressed. I did some southwest inspired beading on two of the six prototypes. They look sweet.

    Keep up the reporting!!! Thanks, Turuishi

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