so its over…

so finals week is finally over…well for me it is 🙂

and i gotta tell you i am so relieved because i was stressing so much! now all i need to do is take a nice relaxing vacation…NOT! i still got summer school and gots to recharge for another crazy semester but always fun at EPCC hopefully during the summer i can be able to keep up with this blog and maybe creating another one of my own where if you are a reader i will let you know in case u wanna hear any of my other crazy stories. but for now i gots 2 weeks to relax then like i said summer school then recharge for the new fall semester i cant wait for it! although this semester was stressing i gotta admit i had a good time made some really cool friends and learned so many things i didnt know before, for example how to make a men’s shirt lol it came out pretty cool! i thought i was gonna do a pretty bad job about it but nah i actually did pretty darn good 😀 (im not bragging people im just so proud of myself!) well i will keep all of ya’ll posted on anything new and try to look for more links so you fashionistas can go check out and go crazy


till the next one

Ur Blogging Gurl,




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