very relaxing…NOT!

Who ever said sewing was relaxing must’ve been sewing a pillow case or done like one stitch line cuz its not!!!

so all day today i did nothing but sew and rip seams apart cuz i suck at it lol! but it was fun to see how everyone in our program just gets along pretty well. how we all tried to make the best out of the most stressing points in the semester because like true college students we left everything till the end while we partied our asses off 😀

so garment construction class students are stressing because of this little project–putting a men’s shirt together–very very hard to do people!!! extremely hard!! and im only at the collar part i cant wait how much more stress the cuffs are going to bring. not to mention i still need to put buttons on a vest i had started in the beginning of the semester lol finish 2 skirts that are halfway done plus any other accessories i need to add to the shirt and skirts and vest…oh lord im gonna go crazy.

also theres fashion promotion class which im pretty much caught up with but im still missing some things…then theres marketing class oh god when is this semester gonna end…but yet again i cant wait for the next one 🙂

oh well just a couple of hours of sleep and go back to the same thing tomorrow i might even call into work and finish everything–hopefully.


well until next time,

Ur Blogging Gurl,



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