highlights are suspended

hey ya’ll


so the other day in the news (i hardly watch the news) i heard a story about a girl that got in school suspension because she had gotten some highlights! how crazy is that?! according to the school she broke the dress code…umm….since when is doing something new to your hair against school dress code??? seriously they let the girls dress like sluts for prom…(read classy or trashy blog) but they cant get highlights?? i was seriously shocked yeah maybe if she had altered her uniform a bit to be different the situation would have been a bit more reasonable, but for hair coloring???…dont they always tell you in school we are all unique and no two people are the same. dont they try to get our creativity to grow but yet dont let kids dress how ever they want to or do whatever they want to their appearance. yes i agree uniforms can be helpful, since kids dont care and judge just because you dont have the new cool shoes or the new designer jeans but they are still going to do it anyway! i seriously think this whole getting in school suspension because of highlights in your hair is just plain crazy and the principal of that school is just bitter  😀 sorry but thats just the way i feel…what do ya’ll think???

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