How strong are your fashion technology chops?

Seriously, taking the time to test yourself is a sure fire way to determine if you are ready for the workforce.  If you are in learning mode, read this.

I am asking anyone reading this blog (and I have not yet begun to drive traffic to fashionnation1on1) to develop a method to continually test your skills.  And your skills should be constantly improving.

Even if you change aspects of your career path, i.e., changing from being a retail buyer to a product developer, you have to morph your apparel industry knowledge into the needs of the new career path and how well you do that determines much about your pay level.

So, testing yourself is a great way to stay on top of the game.  Setting learning goals and learning curve time tables will be a start.

What skill do you want to master?  Name it and describe it.  Set the goal,  Make your timetable.  Follow your timetable.  Arrive at your destination.

For example: I will learn the basics and fundamentals of writing grade rule tables.  Grade rules and grade rule tables enable us to size garments to our customers’ measurements as they change through the size run.  I will be able to quickly and accurately write and apply grade rule tables by Thanksgiving.  To get there, I will read and absorb the concepts related to measurements, points of measurement, and measurement charts by May 21st.  I will learn to calculate the jumps between sizes by May 28th.  I will break down the jumps into growth on pattern points by June 10th and so forth.

But remember to create a test… make a date with yourself and put yourself through the paces.  Write the rule table, apply it, cut and sew samples, rewrite the rules, learn more about body proportions… keep it going continually, yes, but set goals and tests along the way.

Kathleen Fasanella is the good hearted, sewn products loving, brains and the brawn behind and she is your best friend.  Go there and read all about grading. 

This link takes you straight to the fourth or fifth post, but there are links so you can get to the start and read it all.  Learn on!

How to create grade rules 


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