fashion show!

hello everyone!        

So I’ve been gone for a couple of days and I’ve missed you guys!!! but anyway I’m back 🙂

so this past weekend at work we had a fashion show….it was a’ight it could’ve been ten times better but then again I didn’t get to do much in it (that’s why it wasn’t that good lol) but it gave me an idea of kinda what im going into and to tell you the truth I loved it!!! the stuff I did was minimal not a big deal at all but thanks to that I realized that I am gonna be AWESOME at my job any job I get in the fashion business. it’s like a big sign….I was seriously doubting my major and was ready to maybe explore something else but this fashion show helped me realize that I am cut for this business and I do have a voice no matter how small the job I get to do….so I helped get the models ready made sure they got their dresses and the right shoes…which was pretty important but the models already kinda knew what they were wearing. this show would’ve been a lot better if there was someone with enough authority running all the stages of the show….the manager of the department is really nice but sometimes she just lets other people take control and I did not like that. yes you want to please everyone but don’t let them step on you! right??!?! ur the manager for a reason. so anyway the theme of the show was Prom since prom season is coming up.

The models looked fierce and hopefully I proved to my manager that I got what it takes to make a good show for next time. another thing I did not like was that the models were not rehearsed and well one of the models she had experience but was trying to take over and outshine everyone (of course there’s always that girl) and take control of the whole runway…thank God I was there with the manager to let her know that she wasn’t in charge and that she needed to listen just like everyone else…I felt like such  a professional when I was lining up the models to go out and they were all ready to go out and strut their stuff….*sigh*

but in all it was an awesome experience hopefully next time there’s more time and more organization and like I said I get asked to help out this time…I didn’t even know we were having a show I just kinda overheard someone talking the night before so I was being all nosy and went and asked them about it lol and right I away I got involved 😀 hey you gotta step into this business one way or the other who knows maybe one day I can really put on a whole show for this store in their headquarter store in NYC!! now that would be awesome!!!

Oh and another thing we finally decided to do a photo shoot for our class!! Yay!! FINALLY!! I can’t wait for that we got 2 weeks to get everything together….pictures are coming soon!!!

Well until the next one!

Ur Blogging Gurl,




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