classy or trashy?


so this morning as i was driving to school i was listening to the radio and the topic they were debating was, are prom dresses for girls this days too revealing? And to tell you the truth i was getting so frustrated with one of the DJ’s because she had no idea what she was talking about unless she dresses like a hooker everyday! lol she was saying that she finds it classy for a 17 year old girl to wear a dress that is super revealing-i.e. the famous J.Lo dress she wore to the Grammy’s. C’mon people yeah i know that like Hollywood now has us thinking that skin is in, but would you find it ok for a young girl going to prom? uh no! The DJ insisted that as long as the dress was long it was considered formal….WHAT??? so if the girl is wearing a dress thats long but is showing side boob and half her ass crack its formal and fine for prom…geez seriously lady where do you live have you ever been to a FORMAL EVENT ever in your life????!!!! how is that classy…now another one of the DJ’s made a good point there are some WOMEN that would pull a dress like that and make it look classy like uh J.LO but thats because its J.Lo and she can get away with it not a 17 year old GIRL….but then again girls look up to celebrities like these and want to look and feel as glamorous as them….i think there should be like an in between line where young girls can wear a dress like that but not necessarily show so much skin. Prom is suppose to be a day where you feel all glam up and like a princess not like a stripper going out on stage….what do you think…??

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  1. fashionnation1on1

    I have to agree with you, Honey. Various ages open new doors and windows of opportunity or style. If all the doors and windows open at birth, where is the sense of progression?

    Skin may be “in” but when does a girl learn that her spirit, mind and personality are more important than her cleavage?

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