tat tat tatted up

so i was reading this article about April’s vogue cover. And according to some people they found that cover racist!! why you are asking…well according to this source most “black folk” found that Lebron James portrayed  a “violent black man” now how crazy is that!!!! another thing they found wrong was how this young man and many other players in the NBA are tattooed from head to toe! so now they want to enforce a sort of “dress code” for players which i believe is dumb and i dont ever think its going to be enforced but anyway how is this related to fashion..??? more and more people nowadays are getting tattoos and is this going to affect the way people portray us…a few years ago a person with a tattoo was categorized in either one of the two categories either a deadbeat that all he/she looked was trouble or an ex-con….now thanks to celebrities and the way kids are being brought up tattoos are in fashion and accepted a bit more…i must admit i got swept up in all that craze and i myself have two tattoos but i must say i planned mine and thought about it before i did it (and have been thinking about a third one)….a tattoo to me is suppose to be something meaningful something that represents something in your life at that moment that you want to remember forever…now u might say why not just take a picture or make a video or something lol but to tell you the truth you want something that you can really transport yourself to exactly that same place you were in life and feel the exact same way. to say that you did it because it meant and means something to you. now the tattoo business is growing like crazy due to the great amount of publicity its getting from famous shows like L.A. Ink and others, this trend is growing and i dont really see it going anywhere for a while. young people have always found tattoos intriguing and now to most kids its just plain cool to have one. my tattoos have never stopped me from getting a job or have set me back in any way and i have a pretty big one that is very visible and people that i’ve known for a long time  dont even know i have one,  never mind two! this is a whole new generation that is open to new ideas. this tattoo craze is growing and well when we’re all old and wrinkly i’m pretty sure laser removal will be cheaper 😀

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  1. fashionnation1on1

    it seems there will always be people who want to tell others how to live…funny how it is often the same people who think their way of life and thinking is the best…funny how the same people always find something by which they can pigeonhole others.

    yet, at my age, i still dream of a world (even a universe) where the inhabitants live the joy of life, act from hearts of harmony and goodwill, think of our cause as noble and unified.

    that, to me, seems like an “easier” world. life is full of so much struggle. i could never see the value of adding to the difficulty.

    i believe in hard work and harder study, peace, co-operation, etc. – so in my own way, i am laying out standards. the big difference, i want each person to find their own expression. it follows that i cannot judge the outcome.

    of course, we have standards of no harm to others, but even here, how often are the small criminals put away while the “masterminds” live a life of luxury. because of this backwards factor, people who “look like criminals” are punished while those who “look upstanding” or at least RICH walk away with the loot, unfettered….hmmmmm

    i think times change but not all people change with the times. so we will always have people who fail to understand something that is tat tat tatting at their window on life.

    tats speak volumes about the need to belong to a community that cares about you, to have dreams and memories that define you and stay with you as long as you are alive.

    i am glad that i embrace self-expression.


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