fashion trend setter

hello luvs….

guess what i found!!! well you guys probably knew about this website already but i just found it lol

its called and they have the latest in fashion and you dont have to pay a penny to read their articles….they have everything down to color trends for the next 2-3 years!!! how exciting is that….so all you fashionistas out there check it out….ill post a link directly to it and well enjoy!!!

Ur Blogging Gurl,




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2 responses to “fashion trend setter

  1. fashionnation1on1

    Hello Phylicia!

    I’m so sorry it took a while to write back…but God dont we all need help with our school work…but shoot maybe we can help you with whatever u are stuck.

    and well if you liked my blogs stick around i havent been here in a while as you can see…ive had a lot of things to do but im finally catching up with everything and have lots and lots of things to talk about!

    take care and hope to hear from u soon!!!


  2. phylicia

    i really like how you can t alk about what ever you want. even tho its all about fashion .
    but i really need help with my fashion report!
    so if you can help me that would be great!! Ü
    Thanks Again.

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