mood rings…no wait mood SHIRTS

so i found this website where all they talk about is trends and its not just fashion trends so those not so into fashion can check out the latest in EVERYTHING!

so i found this little article about mood shirts. remember those old mood rings that you would put on and depending on the mood you were in the color of the ring would change…well that concept is now moved to t-shirts….but no people the fabric dont change colors 🙂 actually you would pick the mood your in and then you can have the color t-shirt that corresponds to that mood…crazy huh but still cool…

so check out this website it has some pretty interesting stuff thats where i got the info for the last two blogs…they also have videos for those of you that dont like to read…but wait if you dont like to read your probably not reading this section…hmmm…bummer!!! oh well but if you are lol its


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5 responses to “mood rings…no wait mood SHIRTS

  1. Anonymous

    K tel made a mood dhirt that change to 3 colours

  2. Gustav

    hey this shirt would be cool wat if ur at a party getting freaky with a girl and your shirt turns green hahah that would be embarrasing so ou guys said it all

  3. chrissy

    Some people think it would be cooler if the shirt did change colors. But I don’t know how that could be possible. Someone should look into that, though.

  4. fashionnation1on1

    !that shirt would be so confused as to which color to be!

    what a perfect line, Maikeru! you said it all

  5. Shinigami Boy, Maikeru

    That is interesting! although i think on me, that shirt would be so confused as to which color to be! lol
    but imagin that. you’re at a party, you are probably going to get at least one comment of “when did you change your shirt?!”

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