Emo was expected to die out…

I was reading fashion predictions in November of 07. Many people in various fashion agencies and style consultants thought that this new fad, “emo,” was going to be one of the trends that was just going to blow over before really being noticed!

For those who are wondering “what is emo?” i would recomend going to Google it for more information although I am going to try to explain it. Emo is short for “emotional.” It is a fad that stresses nonconforming lifestyles, so it’s kind of a fad…. against fads… lol

So anyways, the “emo” style is either tight band shirts or shirts and jackets that look vintage (probably purchased at a second hand clothing store) with TIGHT crew cut jeans.

Many people, even fashion consultants were not thinking that this trend would catch on,… but when i was researching upcoming looks in gothic, punk, and rocker styles (even prep style) I found that it seems as if these tight fitting crew cut pants are here to stay for a while! the first picture that popped up on the website was a guy wearing a white shirt with black pin stripes, a red tie, black coat with chains and these “emo pants” the website later went on to explain that these style of pants (in black) are not only “in” but are becoming a “staple clothing item” in closets!

~Emo is here to entertain for a while!~

-Shinigami Boy, Maikeru 



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2 responses to “Emo was expected to die out…

  1. Emo is not gonna die out. I just can’t imagine lol

  2. fashionnation1on1

    Tell me how a classic dies?

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