hello ya’ll

its been a couple of days but i didnt have anything to write about so i was looking around and found something interesting. So while googling “hot new trends” this popped out the most to me SNEAKERS!! but not just any old white sneaker of course!!! this is fashion people c’mon!!! 🙂 so i came up to this article about how most athletic wear companies are coming up with new outrageous designs for sneakers. and let me tell you they are FIERCE lol…..the colors and the designs on them are crazy (but the good kind ok) i seriously see people being more open to new ideas and new trends and sweetie let me tell you the shoe business is back in action….not just sneakers theres all this other shoes with wild crazy colors that most of us girls are going ga-ga over. but going back to the sneakers black and white are things of the past now….green, orange, yellow, blue and even pink are found on men’s sneakers!!! how awesome is that FINALLY SOMETHING EXCITING IN MEN’S APPAREL…cuz that has to be one of the slowest departments in the fashion business ( it never changes!! and if it does its because they moved a pocket or added one or made a new design for it) anyway… how long do you think this will really last??? i say this is here to stay for a while since kids nowadays are crazier than ever lol…well if you would like to see some of the sneakers i’ve been talking about check out the link named “sneakers”

well everyone gotta run,

 Ur Blogging Gurl,



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