Men’s Fashion- Fashion Show in Milan

I was surfing the webs looking for male fashion trends for the new spring line 08 and what was expected to be in the market. Pictures and commentary from a fashion show in Milan proved that styles from the 80’s are definitely making a rebirth.

 I was saddened to see that “Hammer Pants,” a pant style worn by Mr. “Can’t Touch This” MC Hammer, are making an appearance down the runway!!!

Interestingly enough, MC Hammer isn’t the only one to have influenced men’s fashion for the Spring line. Fashion has decided to warp to the men’s capris style like that of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Skinny legged capri pants sure walked their way down the runway in collections of Calvin Klein and other designers. 

I am sure in for an eye sore this spring with these two styles (which in my opinion are simply atrocious!!!).

Surprisingly, sheer is making a come back in men’s shirts. The “style” is a sheer top with a screen T underneath that compliments, if not exaggerates, the color of the sheer.

~A new Fashion Blogger~

Shinigami Boy, Maikeru 



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2 responses to “Men’s Fashion- Fashion Show in Milan

  1. fashionnation1on1

    Why do you think he has to keep repeating “can’t touch this”…. because we are going to remember those pants for a long, long time. How many other songs from the era evoke a garment?

    Honey, R Blogging Gurl, would probably look great in those pants, assuming they were fabricated perfectly!!! I can hear the music.

    Maikeru, don’t even think about either of those styles… LOL


  2. *Honey*

    “cant touch this….dan dumm dumm” lol i dont think anyone has ever been fond of those pants…i would wear them…UH FOR HALLOWEEN!! and thats even a maybe 🙂
    cant wait to hear more from you Shinigami Boy!!!


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