oh so tired…

hey ya’ll….

so today was my first day @ work….and to tell you the truth i did not like it one bit. boo!!! why??? well to it wasnt the people cuz everyone there was like super nice. its just the mood of the store….well how it was mood of the set up….it felt like the clothes was just shoved here and there and there was no story to it. color coordination was good and everything but i felt like the store lacked something. so i started to ask toooooo many questions and i think i annoyed my supervisor lol….well i was just curious as to who is in charge of the visual merchandising and if he needed any help 😀 seriously some sections looked horrible how they were put together. im not trying to criticize or anything like that but i just did not like one thing. I got the privilege of working with Ms. Marcy Gutierrez, proud graduate of our fashion technology program at EPCC—woop woop!! and let me tell ya’ll she was an amazing teacher….i learned so so much from her…one of the biggest problems i saw there were hangers i know im such a freak but my God how some sections looked sloppy because of hangers….i mean yeah i know associates are sometimes super busy and they dont have time to put the right hanger to the right garment but c’mon people thats why they hire other people to do that…i.e.-ME!! and when i asked about it she said “oh its cuz sometimes we run out of hangers” i was like WHAT?!?! how can a store like this run out of hangers!!!!

seriously i was so upset about the whole thing i just wanted to walk out lol i dont know i just feel that if you want to have a nice presentable store with such nice clothes be pushy about the little details….another thing the ends of the racks!!! i mean they stress how they want everything facing the same way but at the ends of some of the racks they had garments facing the opposite way….i dont know if they were suppose to be that way intentionally or someone was just being lazy but ah i turned them around so all my garments could be facing the same way lol well all in all it was an a-ok first day…lets see how it goes from now on…and i seriously want to meet their visual merchandiser so i can point out some of the stuff that he is letting people get away with.

ok then ya’ll until next blog…

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  1. fashionnation1on1

    the hangers issue, is somewhat frustrating. sometimes other associates place the slippery knits on the hangers w/o the foam tabs. then to have to go back and rehang something that should have been done right… c’est la vie!

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