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 well this has nothing to do with fashion, but i found it odd yet interesting….on my way home i was listening to the radio and i heard that brides now have come up with prenups for their bridesmaids!! i was shocked….talk about bridezillas man…so this prenup consists of having bridesmaids promise the following:

1. you can’t gain weight

2. you can’t get pregnant

3. there is only a certain amount of alcohol you can consume at the wedding, and you can only start drinking after the bride has taken her first sip

4. you cant be all vulgar and try to hook up with everyone at the party, much less the groom!

5. you can’t upstage the bride at all

6. you can’t dye your hair, unless you consult it with the bride

7. *crazy* your fingernails have to be a certain length and stlye

8. you must show up on time for wedding photos

9. no visible tan lines, or even sometimes not allowed to get a tan.

and the list goes on and on….and if the bridesmaid should fail to keep up with ANY of these rules no matter what it is the bride can fire her if the ceremony is still a while away or ask her to leave her wedding!!! im telling ya’ll bridezillas are crazy!!! i hope that when i get married (a very long time from now) i dont become one i don’t want to be feared and hated on my wedding day, what girl would want that!!! crazy crazy crazy!!!

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  1. nice. this is very true and is becoming so much more common these days!!

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