Hello my luvs….

i really don’t know what to say today 😦 cant think of anything to write about…hmmmm…lets see well i start working at Macy’s in a couple of days yay!!! not the position i wanted but hey i gotta start somewhere right. Well for those of you who dont know (um…that would be all of you lol) I’m a Fashion Merchandising major and i gotta tell you i loooooove it!!! So i had an internship this past winter break at a boutique here @ my home town. they told me i was going to be working with the visual merchandiser and let me tell you people it was the BEST winter break i have had in years!!! I got to put up my own outfits on display, helped arrange jewelry–God i loved that–you know what the best feeling in the world is…..knowing that you put something together and have a complete stranger come up to you and say HELP ME PICK OUT AN OUTFIT!!! lol seriously people that is like heaven, or having them walk by your finished presentation and say I WANT THAT!! without changing one thing. You know like when you go to a store to go buy a cute outfit for like a party and you see something on display as you walk by the window and your like going crazy around the store looking for every dam little thing on that mannequin because you love that outfit so much that you MUST have it. GOD that feels good to know that you are so good at your job that other people appreciate it in an instant.

 But anyway my point here was I can’t wait till i start working there and little by little work my way up….who knows maybe one day i can end up working at their main merchandising offices in NYC!! that would be AWESOME!! but for now lets just focus on finishing this semester and pursuing that degree!! and always remember not to give up on hopes and dreams…because if we did where would this world really be….

well adios for now….

Ur Blogging Gurl,



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