Project Runway @nd QVC!!!

So this mornign i felt like talking about Season 4 winner–of course im talking about Christian I L.O.V.E. HIM—anyway so i got to school and started to go through Elle magazine and saw this little section about PR….and to my surprise i saw that Jay, season one winner, was interviewed. I had been wondering what he was up to. For those of you that have followed this program know that he is a really good designer, turns out that he has a line out that he sells on QVC!!! I would’ve never thought he would have a line and sell it on QVC!!! That is so crazy, on my previous post I had talked about how I hadnt heard anything from him. And well thats why I hadnt heard anything from him…i love shopping but just the idea of shopping through T.V. is just plain wierd to me. I mean online is wierd enough, well not wierd more like not reliable. I mean as it is i go into a store to try to buy a pair of jeans or a new blouse and clothes never fit me!!! ( i am a very small girl) just buying online or through T.V. does not cut it for me. I have bought clothes for other people dont get me wrong but still i dont feel comfortable. Although it is conveniant because its like having a shopping mall open 24/7 what girl doesnt like that but there’s always that “BUT”. Has anyone bought anything online or through one of those T.V. shopping networks and was pleased with the product they purchased??? Be honest, were you really 100% pleased with the product???

 Well dont have anything else to say…..for now… 😛 so i will talk to ya’ll later

Ur Blogging Gurl,



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