It Is So Fierce!!

So we all know by now that Christian Siriano won Project Runway!! Yay!!! But c’mon people who didnt know this was going to happen. I mean since the very first episode we all knew he was going to win the whole dam thing!! (well at least i did) you can recognize talent and creativity when you see it. Plus c’mon people to have an internship with Vivianne Westwood and not win the dam show would have been impossible. All I can say is that HE IS the next great american designer and WE ARE going to be hearing his name everywhere after this, unlike some of the other contestants except for Santino another one of my favorites 🙂 But whatever happened to the first guy that won season 1 and well chloe im sure she’s still around but i havent kept up with her. Jeffrey i knew he had a line out but I havent heard any big news from him. Well maybe thats because his style was not very much mine even though I was glad he won and shut that other old lady up lol jk she was good too but I felt she showed the same thing over and over again. Much like Rami this season my God i felt like one of the judges when they would see draping over and over again. I mean dont get me wrong his pieces were absolutely gorgeous but it WAS the same thing he was like the judges said: predictable. Jillian she was good throughout the competition but at the end i felt she went to safe with everything.

So with no doubt Christian was the best of best this season. So congrats to my luv!!! I cant wait to see what else he’s got up that little sleeve of his 😀

Well Tootles for now!!!

Ur Blogging Gurl,



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