Mrs. President….???

Will having a woman in office influence fashion trends at all….??? Will three piece suits be in again and oh God!!! pantyhose!!! I wonder I wonder…..if having a female president will we have a new Jackie O….but instead of First Lady she would be “LEADING LADY”

How awesome would that be if she wins AND she has a great sense of style and it becomes a big catch phrase…”OH GURL SHE IS SO LEADING LADY” or something like that lol c’mon ya’ll or “SHE IS SO ROCKING THE LEADING LADY STYLE” lol it would replace FIERCE in many peoples vocabulary, starting with mine!!! lol

so tell me does having a female president pursade fashion in any sense at all????

Adios Muchachos!!!

Ur Blogging Gurl,



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  1. fashionnation1on1

    We have all been talking about the fact that in this election “season” there has been so much talk about what Hillary Clinton is wearing. Here’s hoping that while fashion moves to center stage we still have the vision to think about the future and the real issues facing the world.

    So here’s to the Leading Lady and her ability to inform fashion, lifestyle and doing the right thing… not the “right” thing.

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