Can fashion students be on the leading edge of fashion innovation?

Here at Fashionnation1on1, we believe that getting involved with the fashion industry starts now.  This blog will explore the possibility that students of fashion can maintain and promote a web log that is of interest to the fashion world.  Let’s get started.

We will start by creating a blog where fashion will be looked at from every angle.  We are patternmakers, designers, illustrators, product developers, retail buyers, sourcing managers, and more.  We want to “take apart” fashion and see how it ticks.

If you have any questions for us, please post them and we will work to uncover the answers you need.  As time passes, we will post links to other fashion and fashion industry blogs.



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8 responses to “Can fashion students be on the leading edge of fashion innovation?

  1. We simply need more young people setting up enterprises and making it work 🙂

  2. Zayra

    Hi everyone!
    This is Zayra Estrada!a fashion student from EPCC!
    I just wanted to let you all know how complete this program is! This is actually my 3rd year in the fashion technology program and I have learned so much from it! The teachers are so incredible! the classes are very interesting! that at the end you just dont want to go!
    I want to invite you to come and see why the fashion technology program is the best!!!;D

  3. I’m a fashion student rokkie form thailand. I’m love to find many inspirations, more experience
    and development my skills, and I think this blog have many useful to studies 🙂

    • Trish

      I hope you keep coming back to read this blog. Make sure you click on the links to the right. There are many great places to visit on the web. The BEST link is for – you will learn so much from that website.

      Thanks for your comment and come back soon!!

  4. Please check out my blog!
    I’m new to blogging, I’d love your feedback.

  5. Anonymous

    Sartorialslave, thanks for coming by fashionnation1on1. This blog is an experiment in student involvement. At this time, you can see the involvement is very slight. Hopefully, this blog will eventually take on a life.

    For now, click the link on the right column for Fashion-incubator and go to that great site. You will find lots of discussion that will interest you.

    You will also find discussion of ethical fashion. Just use the search feature. However, feel free to post a question or comment to get things started about what is on your mind.

  6. sartorialslave

    I’m a fashion student interested in all aspects of the industry, most specifically in ethical fashion. Are you covering ethical fashion? And also where can I read this blog?

  7. Trish

    I believe that students have all the right stuff to be completely on top of the fashion news. I look forward to the first posts from my students.

    We plan to give you many links and we have a few other ideas that we hope to get going.

    Are you a fashion student? Do you wish you were a fashion student but find yourself unable to go to school at this time? Get in touch with us and we will share what we are learning.

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